Building over storm water?

Hi Guys,

Looking at a corner block thats sub dividable. The back of the block where we are looking a splitting and selling OR building has storm water running straight through the middle. We have rang the council about it and they told us it is possible to build on.
Has anyone gone down this path? Could there problems with overland flow or anything else? Plan on talking to a suveyer and Town Planner about the situation but would love to hear anyones comments.

Yes we built over stormwater in Brisbane - pier must be done and pre and post internal camera - no problems at all since built
iv found that each council is different

i am from vic and have recently tried to get a delivery canopy (similar to carport) built over a stormwater pipe, and i am told there is no way ill be approved as the pipe is over 500mm in diameter

im sure every council is different so you may be in luck, but i believe if the pipe breaks and causes problems in the area, the council has the right to get to the pipe and fix it and leave you with a repair bill of whatever they wreck to get to it