Building, pest inspectors and solicitor in Adelaide

Hi... we on our way to our first purchase and know that we have to be quick off the mark, so we want to be prepared when we see a property that we want! Does anyone know of good/reliable building and pest inspector, and a solicitor in Adelaide that they could refer us to? We're looking at buying in the western suburbs.
Also, to save us a bit of mucking around... what sorts of things should we look for (alarm bells) when inspecting a property? Before we even consider getting the inspectors in, are there any tell tale signs that there are problems with the property?
Thanks for the PM! What about signs to look for when initially inspecting a place for purchase? Any tricks or tell tale signs that something is wrong before you even bother proceeding with the building/pest inspector?
IMHO The two main things to look out for in Adelaide are termites and clay soils.

Have a look at wooden fences, supports, eaves, woodpiles. Give them a poke with a stick especially if they look freshly painted - paint hides a million flaws. Ask about past termite history.

Check for cracks in the walls inside and out, and in the surrounding dirt or concrete. They may not necessarily indicate a problem - many houses in Adelaide develop minor cracking over the decades. Its the 1cm+ gaps you need to watch out for as you might be looking at a restumping or other repair job.