Building Units? Yes or No? What to expect?

I have just bought a 18(frontage) x 35m block that I want to put 5 units on (under one roof).

I want to get some advice and ball park figures before I start getting getting quotes and making serious inquiries.

* Should I have firewalls between each unit even thought I will own them all?
* What is a ballpark figure for the price of building these (each unit is 7.2m x 7.2m, and each have two bedrooms)
* Does each unit have to have a separate area for clothes line etc?
* Being commercial, I assume water is to be supplied by me?
* What do I do about power? Does each unit needs its own meter box?
* Are there restrictions on turning circles etc? I plan on having carports, and I know 'I' could turn around in the provided area....
* As for as the exterior of the units in concerned, What would you all recommend?
I know Brick seems to be the most common, but also seems to be the more expensive choice.
All the other units in the area look brick. Can brick veneer make a noticeable difference to rental return?
Would I get away with using color bond mono panel if I add some 'ultra modern' looking design features (eg roof curves etc) ?
* Is there anything else I should be looking at?
Congrats JC on your investment.

The very first place to start is your local council's website. here you will find zoning, which is what will determine the density of housing allowed on your particular block.
Once you have done this I would see your surveyor, who will help with the planning. From there you would see a draughtsman, who will be familiar with the town plannng requirements. You will need plans in order to apply for your DA.
Yes go brick veneer I would suggest.
I have done this twice now and suggest you be conventional in your finishes but really up to date and modern with colours, textures and materials. This will help with CG in the future.
Yes, build them to strata title requirements with firewalls, sep water meters and power and all the other requirements including privates spaces. If you :)Cheers from Giddo