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I have been looking for a place to live for past few weeks arounf outer eastern melb. I have up to $320K to spend and have found next to nothing.

I am now looking in Fankston/Frankston North/Seaford area and wish to get a 2/3 bedrrom place in an area that is quiet enough and a property not surrounded by other properties like some unit complexes can be (not all are bad). I prefer the freeways like eastlink close buy like 5-10mins by car at most. Not a fan of Cranbourne I admit and I work in Narree Warren

I have found a few and want to know

1)Any tips for buying in the area

PS I have had a terrible time so far in my search so cross fingers in this area.

I read a post about what to look for with real estate agents in the Frankston area. The video links didnt work but what was it talking about?
that sounds just like frankston north , if you like to live next to a nature reserve in your own 3 BR house. and 5 mins to eastlin 10 mins to beach and seaford train station.

well i like it here , rarely any problems , only a few hoons now an then but we have speedbumps so it is not very enjoyable for them ;-)

the north will rise again!

GG jr.
Dont think 320K can get a 3 BR but I will have a look.

What I can do is try my luck with some properties that have been on the market for a while and try a lower range bid .

How can I find out when a proprty is listed?
just something i would share with you community score for frankston north :)

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