Buyers Advocate?

Hello All,

Does anyone know a good buyers advocate in Melbourne or has used one?

I am getting frustrating with trying to purchase a home and perhaps this would be the way forward?

Any feedback would be great.

Make sure you speak to them on the phone first and get to know them. My first experience in speaking with one was a real turn off. He insisted inner east was the only property worth looking at and didn't want to discuss other areas at all.

We've all had inner east drilled into us for years. I was hoping a specialist might have alternative suggestions. I'm sure mine was a one-off bad experience but keep it in mind.
Buyers Advocate

Im looking for a house which is liveable and can be fixed up over time. Maximum budget is $500K, hoping to purchase a house within 10 - 15 kms from city centre. Easy access to train, high street etc.

hahahah not asking for much am i.

Can be north/east/south of the city, not west past newport/footscray.

We spent a few weeks in Melbourne last year having a squiz, with a local yocal.

We felt Northcote, Thornbury, Fitzroy North, Clifton Hill might be ok. Many parts are still tacky though.

Coming from Brissie, we feel more comfortable in Melbourne's leafier inner east. It is a no brainer that the demographic is more recession resistant there.

You might get a house in Thornbury. We also looked further out around Preston, and some parts didn't seem too bad.