Buyers Agent at Auction

Hi All,
Some time ago I asked questions regarding buyers agent's at auction and was duly answered. My question this time is to ask the forumites if it is possible for a buyers agent to bid annonomously at auction on clients behalf.To put it more precisely, is it possible for a buyers agent not to disclose the identity of their client when registering to bid at an auction, particularly in Qld. Once again thanks in anticipation of your replies.

Hound Dog :):):)
We have a friend who wanted to bid anonomyously as the property for sale was owned by a distant family member who acquired the property after a disputed will. He knew the vendor would never sell to him (long story) so gave his solicitor authority to attend the auction, bid and purchase on his behalf. It was bought by his super fund so his name never appeared on the documentation.

However, auction rules have changed since then. Any real estate agent should know the legal situation today.
Yes, a buyers agent can be used to purchase 'in private'.

You could then also purchase using a company / trust.

That's how many celebrities purchase apparantly.