Buyers Agent in Newman, WA

Hi People

This is my first post. I am looking at some properties in Newman that my company is selling off with leases in place. Im interested due to the increased cash flow from the rent and Im lead to believe there should be some decent capital gains in the future. After speaking to a few agents in and around the area it sounds like the market is quite hot i.e. properties not lasting longer than a few weeks. Due to work commitments I am going to find it quite difficult to get there in the next week, so does anyone know of a buyers agent in the area or someone who I can pay to inspect a few of the properties and give me some advice?

Also if anyone has any opinions or advice on the area in general I would love to hear them. Thanks.

Hi Justin

Why would your company be selling them off?

I've often wondered who is actually buying and selling these pilbara properties. Is it companies selling them all off?