Buyers agents in Melbourne.

My friend has been looking into the property market lately and considering buying his first investment property.

He has been looking at properties down south, around chelsea, seaford through to frankston.
He has all the usual questions I guess about finding the right property etc etc.

I suggested that he get in touch with a good buyers agent to talk about his strategy.
You guys have always come through with the goods in the past, so thought I would put it out there and ask for a few recomendations.

Appreciate any help with this.
Give Lisa Parker a call. 0413 427 075.

She specialises in working with investors by spending a lot of time understanding the clients goals, then finds properties that are going to help to meet those goals.

She also lives in the Chelsea area and knows it extremely well.
I went to one of Lisa Parkers seminars a couple of years back. She was suggesting to buy in regional area such as Miles and Chinchilla. I think she even bought in there herself. :eek: Those areas have been a disaster.