Buying 1st IP & have a few questions

Hi all,

I'm about to make an offer on a property in Melb. It's partially built (3/4) and will be completed by the builder as per contracts.

The owners have changed their personal plans and now don't want to live in the area hence why they are selling.

If I am successful in my offer who is the best person to do a depreciation schedule that will satisfy the ATO?

If a Quantity Surveyor, can someone please recommend one for Western Suburbs of Melb.

Also would the builder be able to do one that satisfies the ATO if asked?

And how much would I be looking at dollar wise for a depreciation schedule to be made?

One other question - What do people think of the Caroline Springs area for investment purposes?

In some cases the builder can provide a schedule
They are not known for their expertise in paper work
The should be able to advis eon the cost of Construction, cost of land and the cost of fixtures and fittings It may not be in the exact format you require but should reduce the work required by a QS
My last QS report cost $450.00

Shop around and barter
Start with Heron Todd White and barter

Regards Fredo
My wife and I have bought a couple of new properties and the builder/agent is IP savvy. He has given us a list of all depreciable items and it has been helpful at tax time.