Buying a battle axe?

I'm currently searching for an IP on Logan and found something which ticks all my boxes, but it is a battle axe, I've never really considered a battle axe before and just wanted to see what people's experiences were?
The agent thinks they appeal to tenants because of added privacy and safety for kids which seems to make sense.
I would expect resale to be slower and lower buy this is reflected on the purchase price.
We've just lived in a battle axe for 14 years . Really liked it , but it was in a bush area so our neighbours were a long way away .

BUT , when it comes to selling there is a significant group of people who don't like them .

For me it would depend on how it sits in relation to the adjacent houses and how many .

In an area like Logan , if it means you have 7-8 neighbours who are in close proximity then I wouldn't buy it .

If it's proximity to the neighbouring blocks is normal for the area I'd have no problems l BUT , I'd ring up local PM's ) not with the selling agent ) and ask thir opinion. After all the selling agent is trying to sell the property .

Depends on a few factors:

- number of adjoin neighbours
- position of the house who looks into the property
- length of driveway
- size of block

FWIW, these types of blocks have lower crime rates associated with them
Thanks for your comments,

There is a total of 7 neighboring properties.
One property is massive and covers one entire side with a block so big and a house so far away you couldn't consider it vacant.
2 which you pass on the driveway.
Which leaves 4 adjoining to the backyard, on one side you have a single level home which can't be seen behind the fence, on the other side you have the concern.
3 2 story units which are rear facing the backyard.
Only small windows and nice buildings.

The block is a massive 850m2 for the area which 80m2 of this is taken up by the 25m long driveway.

The block is zoned R250 which is an added bonus for future possibilities and a very rare zoning for the area.

Long term Tenants in place which would like to stay

It really does tick all the boxes the only concern is resale, my strategy is to buy and hold so this will be a very long time away.

I could plant trees or hedging early into the ownership to resolve this?
Good question.
Yes they can and yes they probably will its a 1 acre block zoned R600
Most of these would Neighbour the driveway and the front of the house. None connecting to the rear/sides
I quite like battle axe blocks for some of the reasons mentioned.
One of the biggest hurdles though is off-street parking. Keeping or demolishing existing house, block orientation, block access (single crossover, dual crossover, rear access), number of bedrooms of each dwelling which dictates required number of car parks.

These all must be considered and I strongly suggest speaking with council before doing anything.