Buying Duplex or Maisonettes



From: Anonymous


Has anyone owned or occupied a Duplex or Maisonette? How did this differ from modern type units sharing a party wall?

Sound transference, sharing the space around the building, separate titles or one title, common property eg the front garden, insurance?

In the early fifties Maisonettes were popular in Melbourne, the idea being live in one and supplement the pension with rent from the other. They fell from favour for a long time, and modern day units are quite a different legal structure.

I'm currently looking for one and would be pleased to hear experiences


The Girl
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From: Michael G


I currently rent a duplex and own one as an IP.

I do occasionally hear noises from the other side, but its not too bad.

I find nothing really wrong with living in duplex. And as an IP they are more favorable than a townhouse or unit and appreciate better.

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