Buying in Kingston?


I just moved to Australia a year ago, and now am in the process of buying a house. Looked up couple of properties in kingston and am thinking of buying there (since that's the only area I can afford something...<$300K). Is it a good area to invest in?

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

i am in the same boat, currently looking at one particular house in Kingston and doing some research on the area.

One thing to be careful of, there used to be a gold mine there which was later used as a dump site for toxic waste. So i'd avoid the houses located near that site.

They even had to relocate some of the residents as waste was seeping through the ground. That area is now a Kingston Park.

Here is the map:,153.121294&spn=0.006225,0.008186&t=h&z=17

That empty area between Kingston Rd, Diamond St and Queens St including the Kingston park is where the mine used to be.

Here you can find the exact location of the mine and the dump points: suburb brisbane toxic waste&f=false