Buying in trust to increase serviceability

It depends on the structure of your existing portfolio and the structure of what you're planning to do. When I say structure, I mean the ownership of existing and new IPs and which lenders your existing IPs are held by.

I'm hesitant to elaborate too much as it can come down to the individual circumstances. Get in touch with me if you like to have a specific discussion.
Perhaps this has been covered before, but I couldn't find much running a search.
Anybody care to elaborate on the above?

Maybe because i for one have no idea how buying in a trust will increase your serviceability unless it recieves a capital injection equal to the deposit + expenses and all loans are in the trustee's (which is'nt you) name.
So that you don't put any loans and/or payment on your forms.
What PT is saying is that some things arent going to be let go too easily, although broking can be black box technology, some fuzzy logic, emotional intelligence, and few years hard yards experience may provide solutions in terms of lending and structure that the black box can not.

I too would like to know how it increases your serviceability.

That is a good thought Piston Broke, if the trustee is perhaps a Company. Interesting. I have one such trust. If it could be neutrally geared..

I'll have to run this by my accountant.