Buying land

Hi all,

Hoping you can give me some good advice. I am looking at purchasing a block of land (coastal victoria). Before I make any offers are there any checks on the land I should be getting done ?

The soil is basiclly very sandy (i plan on building a small holiday home on it but in about 10 years or so time) so should I be getting soil tests etc done first before hand or is this done after the sale ?

The plan is to build a small shed on the land and visit a few times a year for holidays. Would a shed with basic ammenities require some sort of council approval ?

I don't know about your area,however the council will usually let you put a shed on it,(With plans lodged for approvals) as long as you don't live in it.(Storage for boat;) )

Unless it is in the bush,out of sight,I would get council for all buildings.
They might make you tear it down otherwise.

When the plans for a house get lodged,that is when (With councils permission)you can possibly live in the shed if you want until the house is built.

Soil test usually get done after you purchase the block,however if someone else has a new house nearby,it will probably be the same.
If it has no sewage and is close to the waters edge it can be quite expensive to put a biocycle in as the closer to the water,the better the system needed to contain the waste.

Water is important also,so make sure it has water at front.
Electricity is also important,make sure it has power close by.