buying next to housing commission houses

hi all,

Found another good period home in central nsw but this one was an old farm homestead and is about 150 years old and is quite big, ornate and rather grand (in its day) - in fact, it will do nicely for a good 2 year project in getting it back. However, even though it is about 150 years old, it now sits right in the middle of a housing commision area. there are about 4-5 houses either enxt door or across the road that are typical country nsw housing commision designed and built.

even typical housing commission tenants in that they have the mandatory old falcon or commodore abandoned in the front yard with long grass growing underneath it, car seats on the concrete verandah and half broken screen doors, and as you drive by, some tenants are ont eh front verandahs drinking and smoking and watching you as you drive by.

But this once old grand house sits in middle. so will the housing commission houses affect the perception and well being of this old house being restored. I am thinking they will - unless the nsw government wants to sell of these houses. is there a web site that may show what housing commisiion areas may be sold in the near future?

I don't want to be a home restorer in this part of the town if i am going to be having problems with the housing commision neighbours etc, as well as the value of this house not going up because of the neighbours.

Any thoughts?