Bylaw info prior to settlement


This is my first IP and we were due to settle today. We have hit a problem. In a final title search prior to settlement, we found there are 2 bylaws that needed further attention. One related to renovations on a lot, the other we are having trouble finding more information about. We know it was submitted to LPI, withdrawn, resubmitted and rejected. We cannot get info from LPI as it isn't showing in their system as it is behind, strata won't supply it due to privacy reasons. We are left in limbo now not settled when we were meant to and unable to find the information we need. We have requested the vendors solicitor provide us with the bylaw details/more information. This is my first unit and exposure to strata - anyone has a similar experience or thoughts on this? My gut is telling me this is not good.
Thanks. Kbuzz
Thanks Scott No Mates, Solicitor has done this today, hopefully we will find something out tomorrow. To put my mind at ease, what rights do we have? Our strata report was done on Nov 12 and no information about this bylaw was provided, the document was lodged with the LPI in Nov, withdrawn in early November and re-lodged on Nov 20. If we find it to be something costly do we have any rights to negotiate on price at this late stage? What scenarios should I be prepared for?
AGM mentions pest inspection, checking and cleaning gutters, inspection of fire safety measures. Nothing stands out to me. An extraordinary meeting was held in Jan 2014 to discuss replacing balustrades. A special levy was raised and works have been completed. I guess I just wait and see. Will update when I know more. Thanks.
Solicitor has managed to get the bylaw details, not sure if it was from the vendors solicitor or the second visit they paid to the LPI. So far I am told it is not a big issue, will find out more tomorrow and settlement has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan. Thanks for the input all.