Cairns IP: Carpet or vinyl floor covering


My PM has advised the carpet in my IP in Cairns should be replaced soon and has suggested replacement with either carpet or vinyl. I've received 2 quotes both of which show that carpet would be slightly cheaper than vinyl.

Which would be the longer and better wearing product? I am leaning towards carpet as I feel it's more durable than vinyl.

Advice/suggestions anyone?


I would say vinyl its easy to clean and being in cairns its so humid that carpet would probably get smelly after a while.
I agree with vinyl. I don't know how it stacks up in regards to wear and tear in a rental property, but due to the high temperatures and humidity in Cairns I know if I was a tenant I'd prefer vinyl, plus it's easier to keep clean. Not sure where I read it or if it's true, but I heard there are some problems with trying to rent property out up there as there's an over supply of rentals (NO idea if it's true or not, you'd know better than me). IF that's the case, then if there is a lot of competition and if vinyl is more attractive then I'd pay a little bit extra for it.
Vinyl. Much easier to clean and last longer.

You ever see a house with some horrid avocado green tile from the 70s in a house and it is still intact? Cheap carpet starts to look like crap in a rental after a couple of years. Traffic wear patterns, stains, etc.
There was Vinyl for $29/m installed at a shop here in Adelaide the other day. It looked fantastic too! That would have to be cheaper than any carpet wouldn't it??