Calculating Building Cost

From: Mike .

Hi Builders,

Thought you might find the attached PDF doc interesting.

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From: Will G

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the PDF.

The PDF will come in handy for working out if a property is overpriced. Also good for ballpark depreciation on the building.

Does the PDF include plumbing, electricals and internal gyprocking ?. If it doesn't, can you point me in the general direction of the costs for these items.

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From: Geoff Whitfield


That's interesting.

I'd be interested from anyone who has done this.

I'm looking at adding onto a block of flats just near the ACT. The pdf suggests $800 per sqm; the architect/planner (who comes highly recommended from someone who knows) has suggested $950.

Am I being ripped off, or is there a genuine reason for the difference?


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From: Ian Parham

'Morning All

A 'low end' roughish guide I feel.

Read the opening paragraph again to see Mahinda's disclaimer:

"They are meant to be purely for fee calculation purposes."

Now, when did any Govt departmental 'valuations' or 'calculations' ever accurately reflect reality??? Whether they be local council, water rates, valuer general, or whatever...

I would suggest that the figures quoted could be used as a very basic guide to the very minimum one might pay per square metre. In fact no, I take that back...ten years ago you probably could, but I doubt it very much now. $610/m2??? More like $900 - $1050 I feel.

A handy little guide to keep for reference nonetheless!

Cheers Ian
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