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From: Gavin Finn

Can someone help with the following:
I am looking for a calculator that will tell me how much I will owe at a particular point in time taking into a/c the interest rate, repayment amount plus any additional repayment amounts that are added. Eg If I had a loan of 100k and my aim was to have it down to 85k in 6 months time, what would I have to contribute each month/fortnight to get to this figure

I have searched the web but with no luck

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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Gavin

Theres a few amortization calcs like the one Duncan mentioned, use search engines like Altavista and youll get truckloads.


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From: Owen .

Also try the PMT function in Excel (if you have it). You can enter your interest rate, period, starting figure, ending figure and it will work out your payment for you.


D6 = 6.5% (Interest rate /12 for months)
E6 = 6 (number of payment)
B6 = $100,000 (Present Value)
C6 = $85,000 (Future Value)

Answer = $2649.42 per month.


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From: Anony Mouse

I use my trusty Casio fc-100 (Financial Consultant) available for around $70 at Officeworks. Does calculation like that in a breeze.
Most calculator will solve,if you have any four of the following five inputs.

present value
future value
periodic interest rate
no. compounding periods

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From: Donna L

Hugh's calculators are my favourite:

Try generic loan amortisation - you can
change any of the parameters.

Also has calculators that look at what
happens if you add an extra $100 a
month etc.

Donna L
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