Calling all Tassie/Adelaide investors??

From: Nigel W

Are there any seasoned investors lurking out there from, or who extensively invest in, either Tasmania or Adelaide?

I'm pondering some cashflow options in those locales but as I've never been to either place I don't want to be hoodwinked by a local agent!

[Please don't bombard me with well intentioned cautionary tales about investing in areas you're not familiar with! I'll do my own due dili, I just want to get some opinions about the areas from somebody in the know]

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From: Boyler Room


I'm in Adelaide. How soon are you looking to invest, as I have some deals I am looking to offload. You can contact me on my email: and/or my mobile 0411 059 738.
If you just want some info on areas or numbers etc then feel free to contact me with that too.
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From: Sim' Hampel

What type of property are you looking to invest in ?

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