Camera Processors

Being the proud owner of a 3mg pixel? digital camera. The family has bought me a photography course for Christmas, but I have to have a better camera.

One bloke told me that I have to have a camera with a big processor so I can do blowups of my photos. [Not sure if he means to make them bigger or they will need to be blown up because of the quality] but there you go

My question is what is a reasonable sized camera processor?

My question is what is a reasonable sized camera processor?


I don't think "processor" s the right word.....

It's the resolution, or what you see advertised as "megapixels".

The more megapixels the higher the resolution of the picture - therefore the bigger they can be blown up (similar to the old film camera's level of "graininess" based on the ASA numbers).

10 M/P are common these days.


The Y-man
The megapixels don't mean much, its the size of the ccd, the quality of the lens, and some operator skill can help alot.

I've got a 6.3 megapixel SLR, which makes beautifully detailed a3 sized prints.

There is no compact camera out there which will do that, not anywhere near as clear anyway. Most modern compact cameras have around 10 megapixels, but you will only get a clear a4 sized photo, when you have really good lighting, typically shots taken in sunlight or a very bright room.

When the lighting is dim or worse, then compact cameras won't even give you a clear passport sized photo.

Phone cameras are even worse, because they have an even smaller ccd.

The ccd is basically the eye of the camera btw.
Any modern day camera will have sufficient megapixels to make enlargements.
As vincenzo said, the more important thing is the lens and ccd.
If you are looking for a serious compact camera, have a look at the Canon G11.
Brands to consider would be Canon, Nikon, Panasonic. Perhaps stay clear of Kodak.
Back in the old days when digital SLR cameras were new to the world of Professional photography - images taken with a 2mp slr were often printed A3 and larger with fab results.

Mega pixels = up selling to a camera company but not that much to a photographer

A consumer SLR will do the trick - canon or Nikon - should get a new one under 1g - have fun!
Thanks everyone for your help.

I am hesitant to spend a fortune on a camera if I buy the wrong thing

I will keep you all informed and who knows I may even post a masterpiece.;)

And good glass is expensive. A good wide-aperture lens can cost more than all but the best cameras.

Still, I'm not sure why you need a better camera just to do a photography course. To learn the technical aspects, you would at least want an SLR, or a good P&S with a few different metering and shooting modes, but composition you can learn with an old Box Brownie (if you could still buy and process film for it!).

I currently have a 3megapixel digital camera that I can point and shoot with, but it is automatic not manual. The course requires a manual camera that I can change things around with, and I understand the course will probably just teach me how to use the camera properly. If I am going to spend $1,000 on a camera I would rather buy something appropriate if I can.

I have found that SS people have a great and varied knowledge so some independent advice from members I value, rather than being conned by a camera/retail salesperson

In property speak, trying to do my due diligence

Buy from a dedicated camera retailer, not Harvey Norman or something like that because the sales children won't really have any idea. You need to be buying from sales people who are photographers themselves and they are more likely to work at a camera store.
Nikon SLR is great. I have the D70s (old now though, bought in 2005) and it takes great detailed pictures. A friend has a Canon and loves it! Maybe call the person running the course before you start and make sure the one you're buying is suitable for what you'll be doing.

Photography courses are great fun! Enjoy!
Thank you everyone for your advice.

I have spoken to the instructor who has given me some advice.

Am going to check out a 2nd hand Nikon in the next couple of days which I have been told is a good buy.

Will let you know how I go.