Can first home land(FHOG) be rented out as carpark before I build on it?

I;m interested to buy a piece of land to build my first home on. Wanna use my FHOG.

But, the land is currently used as a carpark by the builder display home next door, and they are renting the land from the owner per month. If I buy the land, can I rent out the empty land as carpark for a few months, while I finalise my building contract? I mean, this will save me some holding cost on the land.

Will I still be eligible for FHOG for this land/new home?
A very good question, which I would be interested in the answer to.

I think you may need legal advice on that one. I would also be interested if your home would be 100% CGT free, despite the renting the land as car space before building.