Can I claim/deduct the cost of land survey?

I am intending to fence my corner property in the near future. At the moment it is a rental, but within about a month I will be moving in for 6-12mths and then it will be rented out again for a while.

I believe that I can claim fencing the property through depreciation, not deduction as it is not a repair but a new fence where there currently is none, and then aportion it for the number of days in the year it is a rental. To get a fence put in though, I need to have the block surveyed as it is on a corner and nearly 3 sides have no fence. Can I claim the cost of surveying the property whilst it is a rental as a deduction? I'm not really sure what category this expense falls into, as its not a repair or an improvement in a way as surveying is not done at the same time as the fencing.

Somehow I doubt if it is claimable, but as I am moving into the property in about a month and wanting to get it fenced and all repairs etc done while I live there I thought it was worth asking as if I can do it while its still rented and claim it, if I can I will get it done now rather than next month! Otherwise I won't bother the tennants and will leave it until after they move out.

If you're asking the surveyor to mark the corners so the fencer can do the correct lines, I would think the survey is part of the fencing cost.