Can I delete my own posts ?

You can delete a post by hitting the edit post button. On the top of the edit page is a Delete section.

If you delete the first post in a thread, you will delete the whole thread!

Also note you can only delete your own threads. But remember, if there is a post you find which you believe requires deletion on the grounds that it is not suitable for this (G rated) site, pass it on to a moderator ASAP and they can do something about it!!

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Something else for you to keep in mind when deleting is that if you originated the thread, you will delete all the subsequent posts.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.

What happens to the posts following a deleted post in the middle of a thread? (e.g. No 5 of 10 is deleted)
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What about a mid thread deletion? Any experience with them and subsequent posts being deleted as well or is it just the one post?
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OK, here it is, simply, for Jerry..

If you delete the first post in a thread, the whole thread goes.

If you delete a post which is not the first in a thread, just that post goes.

You can only delete your own posts (or threads which you have originated)

Try it! ...Lots.

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OK, I've tried it. It does work- deleting the first post deletes the whole thread, including replies from other people.

Perhaps it would be desirable for a deleted thread (with replies from other people) to be marked for deletion, but only the moderator to be able to remove (as a wish list item)?

I'd hate to have spent time answering someone, or have useful advice from someone on a thread, removed without any consideration as to its value.
Hi Geoff,

A simple solution to the problem is NOT to delete the post using the Delete function but to delete the contents of the post using the Edit function by over-writing it with an apology and a brief explanation why the original message was removed.

Of course leave the subject title as is.

Regards, Mike

I guess the problem would exist for someone who is new, who just wants to delete a post after a reply has been received.

I've seen it happen, even for the edit function, in another forum. People spend a lot of effort to help someone, and in the process, leave something of value to people who come later with similar problems.

The person who asked the problem is happy with the answer, so they delete the contents of their original post. The whole thread becomes pointless.

In this situation, the mods can fish into email notifications and restore the post, but it's a bit of a pain.

The thread delete might be better disabled (except by a mod), if this (or the next) version of the software allowed it.
Good point geoffw.

I have disabled the "users can delete their own threads by deleting the first post" option.

If you want to delete the thread, please use the notification options and have the moderator delete it for you.

Let me know if this causes any problems for people.
That must be "Neat Feature #129", Sim' - boy, the "pain" of changing forums has been next-to-nil (compared to the last move).

Great choice !!