Can openers

Bought a new can opener y'day and it is a dud. No way would it open anything.

So in despair Mrs Fish went to Robin's Kitchens (sounds expensive, doesn't it) and bought one for nearly $40 and it's real cool. It cuts the rolled edge of the can so that the lid lifts off cleanly (doesn't fall into your food) while still leaving half the rolled edge on it. Ergo: no sharp edges! The can itself still has the other half so it is still firm with no sharp edges either.

Neatest thing I've seen for ages! :)
Thanks for the link.
I've got one like that in my kitchen drawer. Can't be the $40 one, though, as it does leave sharp edges on the can.
Maybe I need to upgrade.
the tupperware one cost $85. Someone actually bought one at my tupperware party - I could have got one as my hostess gift, but decided to swap for a different gift instead, I just couldn't bring myself to own an $85 can opener.
Tupperware make something like this. Like all things that are Tupperware it's a compete reinvention of something that didn't need reinventing. They should stick to storage

we have the tupperware opener. it takes the lid off by breaking the seam, not cutting the metal, leaving a resealable tim lid with safe edges.

i wouldn't say that's a plain re-invention, i'd say it's an improved design.

$40 for a can opener that'll last till the day is die is good value iMO - intrinsic or otherwise ;)
We buy a different can opener every now and again ... usually the $10-20 fancy looking ones that seem good.

They always, always break and we end up using the $1.50 chrome one that I've had in the drawer for 15 years. It works just fine, its just takes a bit of oomph turning the key on it and the lid drops into the tin afterwards.

And then for some reason, we always end up getting another $10-20 fancy looking can opener ...
I have the tupperware one, was given it about five years ago, it works excellently and no sharp edges (very child friendly). Long lasting as well. Highly recommended.:)
I have had both types mentioned, the one that unrolls the edge, which was fantastic until it broke, and the Tupperware one that was also great until it broke :mad:

I loved the one that left the edges smooth when the kids were smaller because watching their little wrists hover over a jagged can edge used to give me the vapours :eek:.
All this just reinforces something I've always known: I'm a late adopter.

You guys have had this opener for years and I have just found it. :D