Can you buy focaccia bread in the Gold Coast

Hi guys

Surely they sell it here, but I can't find it. Thought they would sell it at Woolworths or Coles or the bakeries, but NO! The lady at Woolworths tried to tell me they use to ship it up from Melbourne frozen!!!, but it's too humid here. I thought that was a load of crap.

Help please, and what about panini, I'm on a mission to find some decent food! LOL. I'm near Robina so don't wanna drive for miles just to get bread.

Oooohhhh nothing better than some fresh toasty turkish bread from one of the many great bakeries on Sydney Rd to scoop up some yummy taziki.

Gee thanks, LOL. Heaps of turkish bread in the supermarkets, but that's about it!

I'm discovering that food in the Gold Coast is just not up to the standard I'm use to, and have only found one place that can make a decent cappuchino. In fact went to this little shop yesterday and they were advertising a cappuchino and two donuts for $2.80. So thought, wow, what a bargain. Well, guess what I got. Literally watched this women scoop instant coffee into my cup, I couldn't believe it!

I went to Sydney for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, and OMG, think I ate the whole time I was there. Everything was so yummy. Went down the Rocks where that market is, and there were these greek woman making these pancake things stuffed with super yummy fillings, can't remember what they're called. And those giant corn on the cobs dipped in butter, OMG!

I feel like the poor cousin up here! LOL
Could be a business opportunity to open up a providor style deli/

Perhaps Tedder Ave in Main Beach may have the demographic for this.
Could be a business opportunity to open up a providor style deli/

Perhaps Tedder Ave in Main Beach may have the demographic for this.

A good idea. She could charge $15 for a Foccacia and coffee and it would be a cheap lunch/dinner on Tedder Ave.

Last time I was there I could not believe there was not a place we could go to for a light lunch or snack without paying 'fine dining' prices :mad:.
$15, yeh and people would probably buy it too. When I go to Sydney in the new year I'm gonna stock up on food I can't get up here.
I'm in Perth right now.

There is some good stuff around, it's a matter of finding it.

I'm a bit of a coffee snob though, even in Melbourne I can be hard to please.
I'm hearing you about being a coffee snob, I am so anal about coffee! If I can hear the screaming milk I know it's gonna be bad. LOL. And nobody seems to know the difference between a latte and a cappuchino, they both look exactly the same! OMG, I could go on for hours.

Well went out hunting for my items again today, still haven't had any luck.
Hi ya Queen Bee,

whilst it's a chain, you folks have a franchise up there called Zarraffa's Coffee. I don't drinks caps or lattes. I like long or short macchiato's or espresso and I've never had a bad one at any of their outlets.

If you want an experience and a view, I like Oscar's at Burleigh Heads. I usually stay at Broadbech and go up to GC at least twice a year. Many of the cafe's along the mall are OK.

As for the Foccacia and deli/larder stuff, I am not a local so can't help you......but you might do OK with my suggestion setting up shop in Main Beach or come to think of it doesn't the new re-vamped (Chadstonised) Robina have deli produce and fine bakery items?
I've never really come across any deli's as such up here. The closest thing is Coles or Woolies deli, which is pretty lame compared to a real deli!

Tried Zarraffa's and it's pretty hit and miss, usually they make it so hot it burns ya tongue, not an enjoyable experience. LOL.

Nah, Robina hasn't got a deli that I know of, and all the bakeries are the chains and they only make the run of the mill breads and buns, nothing spectacular. Loved it when I went to Sydney, was in the CBD, and the pastry and bakery shops were to die for, even saw icecream that was made to look like sushi!

I'll try that Oscar's place though in Burleigh. Did find a nice coffee at Borders in Robina, then I found out they were Kiwi's that were making it, so that was to be expected. haha.

OMG, imagine how much the lease would be to have a shop in Main Beach, I shudder at the thought, good idea though. Was thinking more along the lines of a coffee cart myself, but could imagine the hassle the Gold Coast City Council would put you through with all their rules and regulations.
Brumbies sell it - its a chain of bakery shops I am sure they are all over the GC.

As for a coffee snob - hand up !!!! We went camping last wk on Straddie ( wonderful place BTW) and we took our coffee machine just so we could have a good coffee each day!
Another thing you can't find at the GC are 'proper' fish and chips.

Eating F &C in the evening at the beach in summer especially on holidays is something we enjoy but didn't even bother last time as previous times the fish and chips resembled and tasted too much like theme park food (box and all).

That after much driving around to find them :rolleyes:.
I would just like to take this opportunity to point out that for lunch, I had a very very nice chicken, asparagus and cheese foccacia with a nice (brewed!) cappucino in an enormous mug. I figure it was deserved after all the blood they just stole from me down at the hospital, and having my very full bladder pummelled by a sadistic person with a gooey plastic thing. At least they gave me photos to take home.
It's pretty easy to make - if you are in a super hurry, you can make the dough rise faster by placing in a steamer or very low (50 deg) oven with a jug of water.

Ok, let me guess, now you will tell me there is no good bread flour suppliers in the GC.... :D


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