Can you help? Newbie Real-Life Case-Study questions

Howdy all

Thanks for reading this thread and posting your
thoughts from your experience in property-investing.

Mods, I'm not sure if this post belongs here or is
out of line. If so, please let me know.

Really appreciate everyone's feedback as we're
very new to this game.

= = =

Fiance and I are about to tie the knot and dip our
toes into this game.

We have an unencumbered property (UP) worth around 450K
1's employed and other self-employed

(That's our life exposed now!)

Our intention is to build as many properties, quality, strong CF,
zero/minimal outlay - safely serviced as possible.

Pile our pay into an account attached to IP loan
(not pay off principal) but to reduce interest bill

Our thought process is to:
  1. Speak to an Mortgage Broker to arrange Finance
    - thinking of loan from UP for deposit for IP1
    - separate loan (of 80%) for IP1
  2. Decide where's best to look for the IP1 (Perth? or interstate?)
    - IP is cash-flow neutral at worst
    - IP has strong CF with potential to add value
  3. Enlist Buyer's Agent to help find it
    (hold our hand)

(and haven't even really considered how to best
structure it - ie just have it in the highest income
earner's name for this first IP?)

Q1: Recommended Mortgage Broker?
As we're based in Perth, I've read threads that mention
to purchase IP in WA, MB needs a specific license?

Is this the case?
If so, and if not, who would you recommend as an MB to seek?

Have spoken to 2 local MB's from Aussie & Choice.
Both were Home Loan cookie cutters (not from this forum)

We just want to respect MB's time and see if they're
the right person to help
(eg. if they need a specific license to do a loan in WA)

Q2: Which city would be best to focus on?
Not sure with Perth having stellar growth over recent years,
whether it's wise to invest here if CF fairly flat.

Q3:For city recommended to look into,
which BA is recommended to go see?

Q4: Any recommended good accountants in Perth
who deal with property, businesses and trusts?

We want to start building the Dream Team.

We've read a lot to get up to speed roughly and don't want
to get Stuck in analysis paralysis any longer.

So many SS forumites here are SO inspirational.
Thank you for that

Now we just want to do it - and be like you!

Your experience, advice and insight is much appreciated.
Please feel f'ree to PM me if you think it's not relevant

Thanks muchly.

To everyone's happiness,