Canberra and more!

Yes the Canberra course this month is booked out.


Since we are relocating our Head Office back to Sydney, this will probably be the last Canberra weekend.

For this reason, I am making an exception and will accept any CANBERRA RESIDENTS who might wish to attend.
(Alternatively Sydney is just down the road!)

Please contact Bridie on (02) 6260 8888 or e-mail
Further info:


Hi Steve,

Why are you leaving us, was it something I said ? ;)

Do you plan to hold a client get - together / cocktail party in Canberra before you leave, as I'm sure many of us would like to say farewell to you in person.


Phil :)
Hi Phil,

Hmmmmmm, originally I came to Canberra to take it easy!!

Now I am busier than ever and spending more than half the year in Sydney and Melbourne.

Finally my family has put the proverbial foot down, so back to Sydney I go. We launch our Share fund in March next year (As demanded by the clients) which means I am committing myself to a further 3 to 5 years working, so . . .

Canberra farewell??

Okay, so perhaps all interested in attending can come on Sun 20th at the end of the weekend course for a few drinks.

All interested please contact Bridie on 6260 8888.

Phil, you're first on the list :)


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Sunday 19th Steve? What month was that?

(I suspect you mean Sunday 20th October?)

But that's already booked up for a Cashflow- it's on the calendar and all...

There was a cocktail intro for Melbourne and Sydney people- but for those who live in God's own, might a little more than an afterthought be in order? Please?
Thanks Geoff,

Date corrected!!

Canberra an after thought?


NOTE: I am keeping my home* Renting out our Manuka offices AND will personally continue to service my Canberra clients.
(You can't keep me away from Gods own!)

So I'm not leaving, just moving to the very, very outskirts of the ACT.

Cashflow on the Sun night? We can't clash with that:

So drinks cancelled for Sun and keep a watch in Meeting place for a new date and venue for a real Cocktail Party!
(When I return from Melb mid / late Nov)



* PS: Simon Macken is soooo right about 4/5 bedroom homes in Canberra! Not only has my home increased in value by $130,000 in the past year (bank val) but I have been offered a 7% rental return. No wonder Simon and Julie have their feet up!
That would be really good Steve. Will look forward to seeing you then.

I will point out though that the Cashflow game is in the afternoon, and only small- so don't let it get in the way of your plans.
Hey Geoff,

You have me on the hop!

So, lets do the drinks thing Sun EVENING - after the course AND after the cashflow.

So bring the cashflow-ers with you!

It's never a bad opportunity to come and mingle with some successful and like minded people.


Sorry about all that Steve... sounds good. What time were you thinking of? I'll have to make sure I have time to get out of the rat race...

Canberra prices have probably increased by so much because Sydneysiders can't afford it there any more, and commute from here.

You're going to miss that walk to work.
Drinks @ 6-00pm sounds good

Longueville to North Sydney is also walkable:
But up a hill - Aaaah what; might as well drive, even though the walk will probably be quicker!

Canberrans wishing to attend the evening drinks on Sun 20th, please phone Bridie on 6260 8888 (Catering arrangements)

Not you Phil, you're already on the list twice!


Thanks Steve, sounds great.

A couple of drinks after flogging Geoff at Cashflow again will go down well. ;)