Canberra meetings for 2014


If you're in the ACT region, please note these Tuesday nights in your diary now for the year ahead:

18th February
18th March
15th April
20th May
17th June
- no meeting in July -
19th August
16th September
21st October
18th November

Meetings are held upstairs at the civic library, on London Cct (next to the Canberra Theatre stairs) from 7-9pm.
Each month a guest speaker shares their experience on a property-related topic, followed by some networking time to meet other like-minded locals, and see how their investing is going.
A great opportunity, with a gold coin entry fee. Please bring a coffee mug and a notepad/pen.

The first meeting in 2014, Tues 18th February, will be focusing on renovations - after the latest crop of reality tv shows it might be time to get a dose of local reality! :D
Matt from Nulook Renos will come along and discuss his experiences, plus tips and common traps when doing a reno in the Canberra market.

Hope to see you there!

I've been to a few of these meetings and I've learnt some good stuff. Usually very informative, nobody is there for the hard sell, it's just about education, with the presenters probably hoping their gentle plug will help business.

I recommend them.
15 April 2014 Canberra meeting

Our next meeting, Tues 15th April, will be at the same place and time as above. This month we are hosting Craig Russell from Priority One Mortgages to hear the latest in lending products, and answer the important question, "Do banks value new customers over existing ones?" Learn how you can get the most out of what can be a long-term and expensive cost: your investment loan/s. Craig will be answering your questions, so don't miss this opportunity.

See you there,

Next meeting: May 20th at 7pm

May: Goal setting and How to stay motivated

Lately we've covered many topics relevant to property investing, but this month we are going to get crystal clear about what our goals are, why they are the right goals for us, and how we are going to attain them, and learn some insider tips and secrets from our guest speaker Leanne Shea Langdown, from Achieve Beyond coaching. More on Leanne can be found here:

This evening will assist you beyond your investing success. This is the chance for you to learn directly from a professional success coach and mentor about goal setting and motivation and apply these secrets of success to any area of your life!

As this month's topic is applicable to any area of your life, please do bring a friend or three with you. The journey is always better when you have good friends to share it with :)

Hope to see you there!
Hi Geoff and nhg

The meetings around Aus are linked by the same network, but we have no links between each other. I'm not sure what happens at the Sydney meetings as we all run our own show (so to speak) independently. I haven't met Mark Kelman or heard anything about it, sorry I can't help there.
If you don't like the meetings in Sydney, maybe start your own. That's what I did!

Best of luck for finding a like-minded group nhg.

June 17th meeting, civic library at 7pm

This month we are hearing from Dean McCormack, who has recently returned from the land of opportunity - the US of course.
He'll be outlining his own personal strategy for starting to invest in the US residential market, and will demonstrate how he is getting net returns of 15%+. Dean will be talking us through how he built his current portfolio over the past two months that will provide him with $15k pa net cashflow.
Dean will also discuss the important details, key contacts overseas and differences between the US and Oz markets. Anything you might want or need to know about investing in the US, Dean has just come back and is happy to share what he's learned and share how others might get started in the US market.

Secondly, Dean will be covering property options this month. Specifically, why is an option different to simply buying the property and why use it? He'll go through the advantages and disadvantages of using an option and look at making money using short term options.

There's a lot to cover, plus I have a stack of magazines to share this month! Gold coin entry please.

Bring a notepad, pen, a friend to share the learning with, your coffee mug, and see you there!

Tues 19th Aug ? Learn how the ?hotspotting? experts do it!

Welcome to the second half of 2014. We resume our monthly meetings with a focus on getting the fundamentals right.

This month we'll be hearing from Serena who has been studying furiously into the techniques used by 'hotspotting' gurus. Serena will share with us her findings, allowing you to leverage off her insights from months upon months of analysis. She's been picking apart the background assumptions and methods, and we have a great opportunity to get the inside scoop without all the hard work. Kind of like reading the executive summary and not having to write the report!

Serena will be addressing some key issues that run through our minds as investors:

Ever wondered when to buy property and when to sell?

How to predict where a property market is heading, using a system that is 90+% accurate

Discover myths that distract investors and what are the true market drivers

Learn how to maximise your capital gains.

Dont miss it - your future self will thank you for it!
As normal, please BYO coffee mug (not many foam cups around these days) and a gold coin for entry. I have some magazines for those who are first in, doors open just before 7pm. And don't forget your coat!

See you there,
Cool - been meaning to get along to one of these and I'm pretty sure I can make this one. Claire, are these nights "advertised" anywhere else? How many people do we normally get in attendance?

Tues 16th Sept - All About Asbestos

This month we are hosting Scott Bamford, from Greencap who are run off their feet doing asbestos assessments at the moment across town.
It's a hot topic locally, and while we are waiting to hear the Government's decision on the future of identified Mr Fluffy homes, it's also at the forefront of our minds when renovating older houses. Before you go hammering a hole in your wall, come to our September meeting and gain some essential knowledge.

Scott will give us a broad overview of asbestos, and help everyone gain some knowledge about the different kinds and what to do about it.

Gold coin entry, please use the rear door to access the mezzanine level where the meeting is held.
Please byo coffee mug, notepad and pen, biz cards for networking and I'll see you there!

Spread the word, this month will help home DIY'ers as well as investors so bring your family and friends

Tues 16th Sept, 7pm at Civic Library, London Cct.

More about Greencap here:
I've been to a few of these meetings and I've learnt some good stuff. Usually very informative, nobody is there for the hard sell, it's just about education, with the presenters probably hoping their gentle plug will help business.

I recommend them.


I've only been to a couple - but I know Claire. There's no property pushing - just lots of like minded people talking about property stuff.


Tues 21st October, 7pm at civic library (next to Canberra Theatre)

We are thrilled to have John Chamberlain from Lexmerca Lawyers to help us understand all things conveyancing. What actually happens on settlement day? You end up with a cheque or a set of keys, and this 'settlement' process just happens... sometimes things go wrong but what actually goes on? And what can we do to help the process go smoothly? No one likes the pain of paying penalty interest when things are delayed! John will demystify the settlement process and answer any questions that come to you.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet a very talented local professional, and learn about the legal side of property transactions!
We will have networking afterwards, so please bring a coffee mug (foam cups are eluding me) and a gold coin for entry.

Please share with your friends who are looking to buy or sell their own home, this opportunity to hear from John is a unique chance to learn about a process that applies to non-investors too!

John's website and contact details:
November 18th @ 7pm

Tues 18th Nov, Civic Library at 7pm

This month is the last of our meetings for the year. Which means it's your last chance to come along and meet like-minded others! Please come along for a presentation on putting smart offers together to increase your chances of securing your next property. Our presenter is, well, me.

In my role as a Canberra Buyer's Agent, it's my job to ensure my clients have the best odds of having their offers accepted when they decide they've found the right place. I'll be sharing a few tips and pointers I've learned along the years in the hope that it will assist you to present a strong offer when you're next buying property.

More about me here:

And you can find me on Facebook and other social media too.

As it is our last meeting for the year, we'll be having some networking time accompanied by snacks and drinks. Our venue has given the a-ok for some wine and beers to be consumed on premises, so please bring whatever you'd like to drink and a small plate to share. Don't worry if you forget, I'm sure there will be plenty to go around!

Hope to see you on the 18th for an informative evening followed by some festive cheer!

All the best,