CANBERRA Property Network Meetings

Hi everybody

I have just shifted to the ACT although not that far from Jindabyne NSW and looking forward to 2010.

I wanted to find out who would be interested in attending monthly network meetings in Canberra.

I am working in with Active Property Network with the delightful Troy n Bec. The aim is to have them run similar to the Melbourne monthly meetings, starting in March.

It will be at a set time, day & location each month with a cost. Offering Canberra & surrounds a lot of value each month with a guest speaker, local speakers & networking with like-minded people.

I am very curious in finding out who would be interested in attending.

Looking forward to your replies!

Bring on 2010 Canberra!!


(aka Snowy, RP1)
count me in as interested - as long as timing permits and cost is not too prohibitive (out of curiousity, why would there be a cost?)

personally, i like the idea of networking and social interaction, but i am hesitant on formal settings and of monthly meetings that have a cost. but if there is value in it, and it isn't too much, and i am not obligated, and more importantly, i don't have to dress up to go to it, then it may be ok.


I will be interested in such meetings but I am doubtful whether monthly ones will be well attended as members are changing strategies in an environment of credit stringency. But I am appreciative of members who have the energy of organising such meetings.

Welcome to Canberra by the way. :)
Thanks guys for the feedback so far!

Rugrat I haven't got a set price at the moment due to researching places. Although the cost covers venue & equipment hire when needed.
I know other city meetings start from $20 each month.
Once I have a firm price I will let you know for sure. Looking at keeping the cost low so we can get more people to come along.
Also looking at giving value for your money too, so it's worth while to attend.

And g I wont make you dress up!
It's all about learning & meeting like minded people in all areas of property.
The formal part isn't really me either I prefer the relaxed and fun side of life!
However it will have a bit of structure to the night so we can enjoy & get the most out of it!

Thanks for the welcome to Francesco looking forward to getting it up off the ground for 2010.

Happy to help!


I'd definitely be interested. I used to attend Canberra Freestylers wehre i met some of the long time members on here (Mr Ed, Geoff W etc) then Fresstylers stopped and I never did get into CRIN which i believe is still running here.

A few of us met at Craig B's house earleir last year but other than that not much seems to be happening and as I'm about to launch back into property after a quiet few years, I'd welcome the interaction with other like-minded people again. $20 seems ok. Freestylers used to meet at Olims in Braddon and the cost was a lot less than $20, from memory.

Bring it on
Cool & thanks Savanna100, Jamie & vit!

I will keep you all updated and looking forward to even more responses!



i would be happy to attend , you could have it here again, (my home) no probs there , but time to organise stuff is difficult for me , so feel free to pm me! if you wish, Guest speker who did you have in mind?
Sounds interesting.

I'm always up for things, so long as I don't have to do any of the organising. :) Either monthly or bi-monthly sound good.

$20 sounds alright to cover venue costs or whatever; but as stingy as it might sound, but not sure if I could justify more then $20pp on an ongoing monthly basis (with DH that is $40 out of our pocket in attendance, plus $60 for babysitting for the little rugrats).

I'm slowly starting to get back into Somersoft after some years away (and after some prodding by GeoffW). I'd definitely be interested, but did I hear (hear???) somebody earlier mention the CRIN. Is that still running ??? Sure would like to attend that if it is. Maybe that already covers the needs of what you're attempting to achieve.

In any case, I'll give it a shot. As long as it involves something more substantial than a beerathon with some chit-chat on a barstool. Under $20 would be good. Looking forward to meeting some of you.
canberra meetup

We are moving to Canberra next week, so would really like to meet like minded investors...

I am happy to help organise things, surely there would only be a handful of people who will turn up, so maybe the suggestion of someones house is a great idea (as is a cold

Doesn't need to be too complicated, a simple agenda of things to cover in the meeting/get together + Q&A.... perhaps at the first meeting a simple questionaire to discover what info/resources/help people want, that way the group is sure to meet the needs of the people attending...

looking forward to meeting all the Canberrians!

Thanks team,

Great ideas and feedback.

My aim is to find out what the people of Canberra want and keep it simple and useful information for everybody at an affordable cost.

Oh and welcome to the area too propertygirl, sounds like we are on the same page!

graigb - Thanks for offering your house I will definitely keep it in mind.
For a guest speaker I am looking at someone that has had the experience in their field they have chosen to build wealth in property, giving you valuable insights and tips.

As this is in the early stages I will keep you all posted.
I will look into CRIN thanks Pedro61!
I know I wont be able to keep everybody happy although I will do my best!

Thanks again, keep it going!



Welcome back to the forum.

CRIN used to be quite active when Ed, myself and others had time to organise things. But my business demands meant that I no longer had the time to contribute- or even to attend. It died a natural.

There have been sproadic meetings since, but nothing regular.
Thanks geoffw for update, I did look it up today but I only found old info!

Hoping to change that so we can have regular meetings in 2010.

The CRIN is dead. Long live the CRIN ! :D (I think I've been taking some of your humour medicine Geoff).

Hey Snowy, I also don't think you can keep everybody happy. I just value your effort in attempting it anyway. As for the numbers, I think you'll be surprised. My guess is that, if this is successful, eventually a suburban home wont be able to cope. There are more Canberrans on this forum than at first meets the eye.