car radio designed for non Australian wavelength-modification?

I have a personal car import.
can a car radio designed to pick up Japanese signals be easily converted to pickup AUSTRALIAN AM/FM RADIO ?

Has anyone received the new digital radio signals which started last April and is it noticeably better?
radios in toyotas have a keypress combination that changes the frequency steps from 100.0 102.0 in even steps to 101.0 101.9 102.7 103.5 odd steps
but don't change the frequency band, japanese radio is a lower band of frequencies
the convertors arent worth it, everything displays wrong on the front panel, all the stations end up close together and there is crossover
the local dealers may have a Aus radio with the same faceplate
fm band expanders are available to suit most imports but as mentioned previously unless it is an exceptional unit just get an oz one.

What type of import?
What Strannik and Y33 said.

I think I bought a band expander once for $20, but for the cost of a new head unit and the hassle of putting it in you might as well get a new one.

I got a Clarion 6 disc in dash double din MP3 CD player. It's great.
thanks for the input.
Apart from a little inconvieniance an FM converter would seem to be the solution or spend $200 plus labour on a new unit.Or are there other issues as well? I am assuming the frequency shift doesnt alter the sound quality
Depending on the type of import vehicle there are different solutions, thus the question what type of import.
I went with an FM converter from JAYCAR.
I will let you know in a few weeks how it went once it arrives and I work out the installation instructions.