Carlton 1 Bedroom Apartment

From a rental point of view this property would perform well due to the young uni student demographic of the area. The problem with this apartment though is that there are thousands just like it in Carlton and the growth for them is poor.

Also because the apartment is so small banks will usually be reluctant to lend any more than 80% against it. This, in conjunction with the fact that the property would only appeal to uni students (who usually can't afford a 20% deposit) and investors (who are usually less inclined to pay above market value for something) means that this property will never really be an exceptional property when you look to sell.

If you've only got $360k to invest you'd be better off putting it into an apartment that appeals to a much larger portion of the market.

Areas like Seddon, Kingsville, Ascot Vale and Thornbury to name a few would be a better proposition as you could afford a 2 bedroom unit that ticks most of the boxes.
Thanks for the reply Jake! I couldn't find much like these in the carlton area... only 30 on the block and sercure carpark (not basement). Although ascot vale also looks really good value!