Carport construction Perth

Hi, I've put House behind house. Now I need to do some construction on front existing house inclusing adding a carport. Can someone suggest small builder for doing this cost effectively - I tried few renovation builders but a) they are not interested in this small job and b) they quote rediculous price.

1) Remove concrete porch about 12sqm.
2) Add double carport, roof and gutter to match existing tiled roof and colorbond gutters
3) Add raised Terrace with 4c retaining about 14sqm

4) Add front boundary fence with two letter box about 14meter
5) Replace Eaves, fascia, gutters and downpipes on front elevation of the house, if required
6) Add Crossover and Paving @75sqm
7) Put dividing fence for battle-axe @35meter

4,5,6 and 7: I may get done separately by contacting trady, cost effective

Any suggestions welcome - particularly, 1 to 3 above.

Also, how about subdivision application? Any, suggestions on company who can help process subdivision application.
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Why didn't you get your builder that built the rear house do it? It's so much easier and cheaper for them to do it when they have trades on site.

I use LandDivision for surveys and strata-ing.