Cashflow in (near) Canberra

Any takers for a Cashflow game in Queanbeyan either 13 or 20 October- for a lunch time start?

One of those is Bathurst day, I've been already told off for even mentioning something else happening on that day.

The last game was enjoyed by all. The venue was in the Queanbeyan Leagues Club, overlooking the river. The only problem was that I didn't hear my name being paged- so I'd better leave a mobile number this time!
Pick me. Pick me.

Any date is fine by us.

Had a great time at the last meeting. Food wasn't bad either.

I do not intend on getting suckered into buying any properties at twice the rate either. Are you listening Will? ;)

You may need to e-mail me closer to the event. A LOT of things are happening at the moment and grey matter is weakening under the strain.

Where is that Spell Checker when you need it?


'Education is what you get when you read the fine print.
Experience is what you get when you don't.'
OK, 20 October gets the brownie points.

Anyone who might be inerested, my email is

Queanbeyan Leagues Club, 1PM, 20 October.

But don't try to page me- it seems like I can't hear proper!

0411 444 288

lunch starts at 12- $3.30 for a roast with choice of veggies of chips + salad.

The best value meal in town- and geat company to boot!
Hi Geoff and Grant,

Debra and I are ok for the 20th,

And look forward to showing you It wasn't beginners

luck the first time.


Phil ;)
Hi Guys,

I am attending an open house at 12 midday but should be able to get there on time. Possibly 30 minutes late.

Look forward to seeng you there Will.

To iterate- I'll be there one-ish. But meals are served at 12. So come a bit early, and get an excellent value meal before we start the game.
We will be there.

If anyone has kids, we may be bringing ours. Hopefully they won't be a burden while we re-educate our brains into millionaire mentality.

I hope that my kids(when we have them) will be playing cashflow and spotting deals from an early age.

Teach em young I say !
Pity I'm not in CBR...

My son loves cashflow, and is good at it.

He is 8.

His sister loves it too, and understands the principal, but at 6 it is still just a little beyond her, so she is our official rat mover!!

We have both the CF101 and CFkids (Thanks to Yuch and MG, who gave it to the kids last Xmas).

Sasha plays both of them, except that with CF101 he needs help filling in the sheets.

He is great fun to play with, and comes out with some interesting things.

We were playing CFKids one day with PT and Deb Bear, and Sasha was just buying EVERYTHING.
We thought that we'd 'help' him by getting him to analyse the return value of the investment to see if it was a good or poor ROI.

He looked at us as if we had several heads and said, "I have heaps of cash, this is going to make me MORE passive income, WHY are you complicating it??"

Who said we can't learn from our kids...

He sees me 'doing it tough' at the moment, and says to me, don't worry mummy, I'll be rich enough for both of us...

I am dreading the day I have to tell him that it will be very difficult for him to go straight to the fast track... And that he will have to do his time in the rat race to get there...

Oh well... He is learning...

But, Gee I LOVE it when he beats me at CF101 !!!!!

asy :D
An excellent game- thank you all for coming.

Phil_h did not trounce me again as he was hoping- we had a slightly higher turnout than last month, and had two games going. I was helping teach the newbies, while Mrs bobq & 7yo son assisted as well. The most financially savvy 7yo I've ever seen!

Phil_h, prunster and bobq played 202 on the other table. So we will have to wait another month for a head to head.
What a great day it was. :cool:

We ended up playing 202 for the 1st time today and found it very entertaining. I may even say that we enjoyed it more than 101.

By the end of the game, we were making $1,000,000 each pay but couldn't spend it. Didn't matter much as we ended up winning the game, finally.

Fantastic day with good company and we learnt a few things on the way as well.

Maybe we can see some more faces at the next meeting. Nobody takes things too serious so newbies are also welcome.

Come and join us.



Hi there

Im pretty new to this forum and i was wondering where i can get hold of the Cashflow 101 game, Sounds great.

Re: CF101

Originally posted by brains
Hi there

Im pretty new to this forum and i was wondering where i can get hold of the Cashflow 101 game, Sounds great.


Howdy Brains. I did not know your email address and I could not find an area to send the following attachment so I will have to attach it here for you. I hope this does not break any of the forum rules. The following is from Boyler Room when I asked the same question in the old forum.

Please find attached a copy of the Order form in a Word doc. Print the form and return it to:

Boyler Room Pty Ltd
Po Box 431
North Adelaide SA 5006

Allan Boyle
Managing Director

Boyler Room Pty Ltd
PO Box 431
North Adelaide, SA 5006
Phone: 0411 059 738


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Hi Brains,

If you want to check out the game before you buy- or even find players after you buy- there are a few Cashflow games in various cities in the Freestylers forum- and click on the "Cashflow Games" forum.

Or you could host or ask for players on the forum.

Our Canberra gasme has been going to 3 moths now- nothing fancy or big, 3 to 6 couples who enjoy getting together. It's a very good way of meeting other people who are interested in the same thing.

The games do cost a bit though.