"Cashflow Programs, Brisbane"



From: John Lewen

I've recently been to an introductory night (free) for this operation (Cashflow Programs) based at Grange, Brisbane. It's a smaller-scale operation than the Kayes, Spanns, etc, and they offer, at the top level, a "gold" membership for 12 months where they involve you in various courses such as the Apprentice Dealmakers' course, give you access to data like RP Data, and basically "hold your hand" (they say). It is run by a couple called Kim (Kym?) and Sandra Wilson. They say they have about 80 gold members at present. Their work seems to be based fairly heavily on Robt Kiyosaki - eg, they offer evenings for playing his board game. Their company name also reflects this.

Does anyone have any information on or comments about this operation, or perhaps experience of it? I am contemplating joining up at some level, and I need to check it out properly. Apparently, there was something about him in the April "Money" magazine which I will follow up. Any other information or feedback will be gratefully received.

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