Castle Hill, Baulkam Hills or Belmore?

Looking to buy a 3 bedroom family house in either Castle Hill, Baulkam Hills or Belmore. What are peoples thoughts on these three suburbs?

I know they are three completely different suburbs, but trying to decide which would hold/grow in value more + best for family life (tough question I know)

Older houses in Belmore, tho with a render would look nice and an established train line.

Much bigger houses in Castle Hill, but further from Sydney CBD - New train line coming I know.

Baulkam Hills not to bad, tho only buses - no trains.

What to do!...

Any feedback would be great!

I could rightly be accused of being biased here, but Castle Hill would be the place to buy over Baulko if you can afford the price difference...
The train line is happening, and they both have good bus access.
Remember that both suburbs are VERY big suburbs, together bordering from Winston Hills/Northmead end of town to Dural/Kellyville.

Objectively Caso would be a good buy as its attractive to oldies - near towers(doctors,shops), near train line, buy a single story house on a level block and you should be set?
I would go to Baulkham Hills only if I need those schools. Castle Hills is a bit more expensive but you get better houses. There is also Cherrybrook in that category.

Prices in the Hills have just had a huge shot in the arm especially as there are now visible signs of the train line going in.

Castle Hill / Cherrybrook over Baulkham Hills, any day of the week but you will also need to pay approx. 10 - 20% more for equivalent home in CH or Cherrybrook.
Isn't Belmore a bit unsafe?

I live in Belmore. Very safe area in my opinion, particularly the south end towards Kingsgrove.

By the way, went to an auction last weekend - REA was describing Belmore as "now in the inner west". Wife and I scoffed a bit until the house sold for $815,000 (previously bought for $630,000 five months earlier).

In response to OP, Belmore was probably a very good buy 4 or 5 years back, and I believe still is a good investment if you can find the right place for the right price. It's been getting tipped by a few different REAs in the press recently as the "next Marrickville".