Catch Up

I'm not here that often these days because I have taken on so many new projects. I still want to know what everyone is doing.

What is your latest project? What are you working on right now?

Any new purchases in the pipeline?
Some people are doing renovations here (good job Lizzie), I can see that, how about everyone else?

My latest is I have just taken up a position as a general manager in AdProp, it was a big scary move for me because I have not had a desk job for about 10 years, just directed and developed businesses and properties. I was voted the best person for the job by all other directors and the idea grew on me over a course of a few months. It's enjoyable and has definitely put structure into my life as well as pay cheque that I can use to purchase more properties now that low doc loans have become an endangered species.

I am also developing a sales department in AdProp in the interest of being able to control sales and put them back into our rent roll if they are sold to investors. We were losing too many properties due to landlords selling, outsourcing the sales and relying on the sales agent to refer the purchaser back to us for management (if needed). It didn't happen to our satisfaction so now I am in control of all the sales. There are about 5 per month which is going to keep me very busy....

I am developing a new company called Wealth Zone Education aimed at cost effective education for investors. I've found some exceptional people to work with and will be promoting them around Australia in due course.

Our latest strategy in property investing is property options, particularly larger development blocks, but I'm not allowed to talk about that one.

I'm finishing off my book, it has a name now, "your inner journey to wealth" and have a publisher who is keeping me accountable.

That's it for now.

How about you? Do tell, we want to know.... XX
sheesh - and she still runs a family and household! :D

we're also in the process of starting a new direction company ... some weeks are hectic and others are thumb twiddling.