I was just about to rant about the CBA myself but you stole my thread title :)

Had a run-in with them yesterday. I just needed someone to sign the form to register the new title with the lands and titles office - I brought the proposed plans with me. Thought it would be a 5 minute jobbie - what bank would pass up the opportunity to get their hands on the title of a whole new block of land without even needing to write a new mortgage!

Bottom line - No. Won't sign it. Need the original of a letter from your conveyancer who is acting as a registered agent for us. WTF? I rang my surveyor (NOT conveyancer) on the spot (who told me getting this form signed was a simple formality) who offered to fax/email something through. No, unacceptable, it MUST be an original that then had to find its way up to the home loan lending cell who could then put the new titles on our file (there IS no new title until they sign this form - again, WTF?). And we can't just lodge a new title without permission from the Government. Which we got a year ago. Argh!

Which goes back to this 'originals' thing. When we got our loan with them, not living anywhere near a CBA branch, we did everything by fax/phone/email. Now you're not allowed to do anything without original documents, this sounds like absolute hell to get a loan with the CBA without a tonne of registered mail and driving ages to get into a branch to show ID.

Apparently they had a lot of fraud and put this new policy in 8 months ago.

Add this to the OP article and that ANZ down the road is looking better and better - but not if we can't get the title for our new block of land registered. So much for signing up to build a house yesterday.