Ceduna SA, anyone?

I'm wondering if anyone's ever been to Ceduna?
It was listed in the hottest 100 edition of API this year it has seen some interest but again, it's very remote and only has a small population of 4000.

Does anyone have anything to say about Ceduna?
Last time I was in Ceduna I, like most of the population and the tourists, was drunk. The place has the biggest drive-through booze place in the state and it RAN OUT OF BEER. It was fun. One of our mates wanted to get laid but was informed that the local women (mostly Aboriginal) aren't much good unless they are under 15, which isn't something you want to be told. Didn't stop him flirting with all the over 15 tourists.

Ceduna is small, dry, miles away from anywhere, and the fact they have the biggest drive-through in SA kind of gives away that there really isn't very much to do in Ceduna except get drunk and eat oysters. I didn't get any strange urges to go back to the town again for a holiday, or want to go there to live.

I might say something different if I was there sober.

ETA: Wikipedia says the population is 2300 not 4000, you might find the 4000 figure is for the Ceduna *council*, which pulls in several small townships (mostly oyster farming communities) in the same general area.

I don't like oysters, btw. If I did, I'd probably like Ceduna.
API top 100? I reckon that Roxby was in that list, at some stage, too.
Now rents are down 25% and vacancies are higher than ever.
As for Ceduna ...
They've put in a connector from here to Roxby recently - which between all the wind farm activity, it has pushed rents and house prices up something severe here and is probably doing very bad things to Roxby. We're around 2 hours from Adelaide here and the weather/schools/etc is pretty damn good here. I know which place I'd rather live in.

But we're not in any published top 100s I imagine.
Just to rectify some facts about Ceduna for you ...

Population is 3,574 as per the last census (2006), and no we're not all drunk!
If you can make your own fun eg. like fishing, camping, BBQ's, pristine beaches you will enjoy Ceduna, if your looking for someone else to make your fun for you eg. movies, flash restaurants you better go somewhere else.

Ceduna is a small country town, but is the business hub of the Far West Coast. You can get everything you need here, newsagent, supermarkets, airport, banks, shopping etc. We have 2 excellent schools, our hospital has begin a huge revamp, the hotel has recently completed a $7m overhaul, Council has spent a huge amount of money on updating the main street and this continues.

House prices went up dramatially about 2 - 3 years ago and have remained stable since then.

Predominantly an agricultural area, aquaculture (oyster growing) is now a major player, we have a salt and gypsum mine just out of town and the new mineral sands mine has commenced operations.

If you would like more information please visit www.ceduna.net
Population is 3,574 as per the last census (2006), and no we're not all drunk!
Must have just been us tourists at the eclipse :D

Edit the Wikipedia page with the right stats - can't have Wikipedia being wrong.

Bah, oysters. Beaches. Fish. Orrible things. You coastal people should move inland where all the *real* fun is.
Most of you are too hard on Ceduna. I love the place....when passing through on my way to or from WA ;-) Great seaside town in the middle of nowhere to spend a night relaxing before hitting the Nullabor or crossing the top of the Ayre Peninsular. Never been drunk there and good fishing for squid off the wharf. However I now make sure I don't have to buy mantles for my Coleman lamp there!!!

Seriously, I nearly choked when I read this was on the top 100 a while back. Made me cautious of all other reports!!

Never had trouble buying a beer there, unlike Mundrabilla where I did have to buy a UDL because a group of fisherman passing through had drunk the roadhouse dry of beer the week before. But the barmaid did show me her scrapbook ........of UFO sightings in the area (seriously). It turned out she used to live up the road from me. An eerie night camped out alone knowing I was in the middle of a UFO hotspot - never stayed there again!
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I don't have to buy mantles for my Coleman lamp there!!!

Just to take this topic off track, you sound like you buy them a lot. You do know the trick with the hair spray to stop them getting damaged during transport don't you?? Before you pack the light away to transport it, give the mantle a quick spray with hair spray and it will stay nice and strong till you need to light it next.