Celebrity Tenant!

I was rather surprised to receive a call from our pm today saying that he has received an application from a celebrity who wants to rent one of our IP's which is currently on the rental market.

The celebrity concerned is currently between jobs, which is probably not an unusual position for one involved in the world of entertainment to be in from time to time. The partner of the celebrity is working, earning a modest wage. They have given details of amounts of cash held in their bank accounts which would be more than adequate to cover the rent for the term of the lease as well as their living costs plus some.

Ordinarily, I would discount an application such as this. The people concerned do not have a rental history, however, they recently sold a house. Our pm, who I regard as being very experienced and good at his job thinks we should accept the application and run with it.

It will be interesting to see what transpires.

Wondering if others have encountered similar situations? Based on the information above, would you rent to these people, or just wait for a more standard application to come by?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts....

Regards Jason.
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We had part of a television crew stay at our furnished bachelor suites a couple of summers ago.
They were a bit more demanding than our regular tenants, but we treated them the same.
When they left, we withheld some money from their bond to cover the damage they caused.

Just don't get awe struck..they are regular people who are usually never told NO.
yeh when i was sellign my house a few years back a sports celebrity wanted to buy it. seemed to think his name would get a discount...like what the? I hate sport so go pull that awestruck stuff with someone else.
We're only human, but I recall some 'celebrity' tenants, & owners for that matter forgot at times. Actually, at one company I worked for, alot of the staff & Director's thought they were celebrities aswell!

In the days of taking a key deposit for prospective tenants to check out a house, a certain footy player was gobsmacked when I asked him for money. On return to the office, my Principal asked me how the day was, told him I didn't let a footy player's ego (his favourite team) get him out of paying a deposit. He just laughed & made a point of asking if I could put on a bit of a "yes sir, no sir" aura when "those types of people" were in the office. I never did. I worked for him for years. He's still my favourite boss.........to boss around ; )

I was star struck once, it was obvious, I was embarrassed, but quickly got over it because the lady was lovely & it was me who had to remind myself she was only human.

Many 'society' people who rented through the office thought they could get away with murder, especially late rent and bond inspections. I didn't budge. I always thought, as my Dad was a landlord, I'd hate for his PM to let people get away with it so whether the house was worth a few hundred thousand or millions, everyone got the same treatment.

Great thread this. I'm having flashback to some great laughs in this regard.
I know a couple who were quite prepared to sell their house for less than they wanted because a celebrity wanted to buy it. They were thinking they could brag about who wanted to buy their (pretty ordinary) little house, but all I could think was "you silly fools". She probably had more money than they did :D.
Do you really want to rent to Corey Worthington?

I know he is a celebrity but the way he received his celebrity status would make me very dubious of renting to him.


Would you accept this tenant on the same conditions if the word celebrity had not been mentioned?

From reported and televised behaviour, some "celebrities" seem to think they are above the law and courtesy seems to be in short supply.
What, who cares if they are celebs, treat them as any other tenant as you should in business. If it's a football player or rock star then ask for double bond. ;)
My cousin owns and unusual triple occupancy property north of Adelaide and her double story cottage was rented long term to various actors of a popular long running series. This was over a few years.

She had no issues at all but the rent was paid for by the film corp.

During visits I would try and spot a celebrity but never did see one.
had a well known sportspersons family as a tenant in a brand new house that we built. i really expected better... fool me for thinking a name meant anything. it was so bad after a year that it needed a full internal repaint. And to complicate things, we wanted to sell it but they refused any inside photos and showings etc as they were so paranoid about the valuable memorabillia.
That reminds me...
A year ago we had a young up and coming hockey player as our tenant.
We also expected more. They smashed the front livingroom window and left without paying last months rent.
Took them to tenancy board. they didn't show up. They are now occassionally paying in dribs and drabs, as they must be trying to clear up thier credit report.
Having a judgement affects that.
The place I rented last year was previously rented to certain rugby league player (not a celebrity as such, but plays in the 'pro league')

and they left the place a mess...I'll leave it at that...I wouldn't be letting any of the wild types in if I am aware (ie. as someone else said, rock star or sports player is not welcome) haha.
Depends, if you're a diehard fan of the entertainer, then you can agree on a lower rent in exchange for showbiz gossip and party invites, otherwise, tell them that you think what they're doing is adorable but they may consider getting a real job before renting a big place all by themself.

Just kidding, I wouldn't let a nebulous concept like celebrity effect the hard dollars of investing.
Hmmmm. I work in the music industry alongside 'rockstars' and have not heard of any problems. You need to watch out more for the other people. Road crew of rockstars maybe. That's my experience anyway.

Go to the Gold Coast International hotel. Look behind the paintings. Pretty good bet you'll find 'art' on the wall that shouldn't be there.