Central Coast Meet up 16th May

Hi all,

It has been suggested to me a few times that we should organise a meet-up on a weekend afternoon.

So here it is:

Where: Terrigal Pub Upstairs to right. (Terrigal Drive)
When: May 16th Sunday
Time: 1pm for lunch.

Would love to see some more Sydney people make the trip and a Sunday should make this possible.

Please let me know if you would like a later time. I thought lunch would be fun!:):D

Regards JO
Great you are having it on a weekend for a change, but sadly we would not be able to make it as we have to drive 4hrs home and I don't fancy doing that on a Sunday arvo after lunch/drinks etc.....nor on a Monday to get to work by 8am....:(

.....unless it aligns with my Jo's RDO maybe I could swing a day off.

Will see and let you know...;)

Its in the diary. I have a new aquisition since our last catch up. ...and its not the one I had orginally planned! Now wish I had some more equity to go again!!!!
Lou, you power woman! Can't wait to hear about it. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for the equity.

Thorpey, would love to catch up and meet you. :)

Regards JO
Looks like Im playing with fire this weekend at Kincumber. (Im in the RFS and we're doing a hazard reduction burn out there). Hopefully we will be all finished by Sunday afternoon and I can come enjoy a drink with you all. its been too long!!
Hi guys, I have decided to cancel the meeting and make it another more suitable time.

Sorry, Travel Bug I checked the site Sat morning and didn't realise you were coming. I have PM'd you.

It seemed that we only had two confirmed and three maybes.

Regards JO
Sorry for the late notice. I had plans with hubby but in the end we were both not keen so he went somewhere else leaving me free to come.
Never mind. Next time.
Hi Jo, any chance your diary is freeing up for another meet up? Im thirsty and I think its time I had a good pep talk with like-minders to keep me on track. Am I supposed to feel stagnant just four months after a purchase?? ;) ...and why don't I feel like Im riding the wave of equity that the newspapers keep spruiking?? Hmmm... Anyway, if you're thinking of having another meet up, count me in!

Lou :)
Hi Lou,

How does the 13th July sound? Tuesday 7pm same place, Terrigal Pub.

Was only thinking about it myself. What's this about being stagnant? It's only been three months dear girl!:D

Regards JO

I'll be on the coast 9th-10th......got a tenant changeover on the Sat morning...
but gotta go home on the Sunday morning....:(

I'l never be able to meet you guys down there.....:eek: