Central Queensland Meet-up

Hello Folks!

Do you enjoy chatting about property? Are you wanting to swap insights with others about builders, finance options, and DA challenges? Want to be able to get a heads-up on good/bad tradies etc? I certainly do.

Let's get together to discuss property mischief and projects! I'll be having a coffee with like-minded folks at The Edge Restaurant and Bar at 108 Victoria Parade Rockhampton this Sunday (14th March) at 3pm. Would you like to join me?

If you're undecided and you'd like more info about me - some of my mischief is public because I had the pleasure of being the case study for this month's API mag 'cash flow' cover story (Matt's victim - thanks Matt). I'm already having fun, but still have much to learn from others.

I'd love to meet and learn from more like-minded people in the CQ area. Would you?

So, how about it? :cool:
PJ (Penelope)

P.S. No need to RSVP - just rock up. (mind the pun)