Cert IV in Financial Services (Mortgage Broking) online

Hi guys,

Apologies if this has been asked before - I've done a search but couldn't find anything.

Has anyone done the Cert IV in Financial Services (mortgage broking) course online?

How long did it take you to complete?
How long do they allow for you to complete?
Is there much support offered?
Would you recommend the online option?

I'd prefer to attend a 5 day course but my "day" job commitments will likely prevent that from happening. I like the idea of having the flexibility to complete the course from home (but would like to know that support is still available).


Three now

I did it through AAMC and it was comprehensive and covered all the bases.

I have actually done a few online/ correspondence courses and I actually think you have to do more work than you would do if you went to the actual course.

The course itself took me about 80 hours? I didn't really need to call anyone for support as the workbooks explained everything well but they did give you a number/ email to contact help if it was needed.

I chose the online option basically because I was in a hurry and there was no courses being run when I wanted to do the course (around Christmas time).

One thing I recommend is make a copy of the workbooks, I didn't as I was trying to be green conscious and I wrongly thought I would have access to them after I completed the course. there have been a couple of things I have wanted to go back over and freshen up on but can't as I don't have the workbooks.

Hope this helps

Nope, but I asked about another RE related cert IV in another thread with a grand total of zero responses ...

Friend jsut did the course in person. He told me you could do it online and I asked do any people do the course who may not wnat ot be real estate agents but say investors, who do it for the knowledge. He said yes and that he thought it may be worthwhile too. He suggested aginst the online one though, e reaosn I remember was the speakers who you would miss whom he placed some weight on.

Sorry about hijacking.

Any pre requisistes for the finance / mb course ? I'm curious now...
No pre req's but it is useless if you just want to gain some knowledge etc. as it mainly goes into the codes of conduct and the many acts etc. etc. Doesn't teach you how to structure your loans or anything.

If your are interested in becoming a mortgage broker and you are not from the finance industry you will need to arrange a mentor for 2 years so that you can get MFAA membership.
Hi Pablo,

Thanks for the response, I'm going to give the online course a go - I'll make sure I keep the reference material! I have a mentor lined up which I'm grateful for.