Certificate IV In Financial Services (Accounting)

Just wondering if anyone else here has done this course?

If so would you recommend it?

Im 20yo and currently work as a purchasor for a distribution company although i have a bit of free time at work and at home, wouldnt mind doing an accounting course to help with future plans of property investing.

Also saw that after finishing this course i am able to become a mortgage broker which sounds interesting and could be a possible career path in the future, i think having a good understanding of lending etc will help in future investments.

The course is part time over 6-12 months.

Would be great to hear some thoughts from those who have done it.


I am a Finance officer and have almost completed all of the modules in this course. If you want to move ahead in finance or accounting, definitely do it.

I did the course in about 8 months via correspondence, it was pretty cruisy and taught me a couple of things that I have retained and would use on a pretty frequent basis. Learning via distance ed is pretty good because you can learn at your own pace, but you do need to be a little motivated and try not to cram right before tasks are due because if you study further when it comes to exams, cramming can let you down marks wise.


Thanks for the responses.

Not really looking at getting into the accounting although i think the course would help with investing etc in the future so would be handy to do.

AVD can i ask what was involved in doing the course such as exams etc?

Also on average how much time per week did you spend on the course to finish within 8 months?