Cessnock for sale

Bugger the front garden, check out the shed :eek::D

Hmmm, ignore buying apartment in honeysuckle, buy in Cessnock and fill the shed with interesting cars...
+1 Is that a trafficable mezzanine in the shed or just for storage?
(this house is a cracker too ofcoarse!)

Would love to hear some numbers too.
The front garden is luxurious :)
haha - I know!

The original plan was to hold the property for 10-12 months while we built on the 10 acres ... so I ripped up the grass and pulled out the disgusting plants, composted, mulched and planted ... plans changed ... so the poor garden has only had 4 weeks to grow instead of the original 10 months.

I could always put in some more advanced plants - but the garden does look better in real life and don't think it'll make any difference to the sale/price
Bugger the front garden, check out the shed :eek::D
I thinks that what attracted hubby :rolleyes:

The mezzanine is over head height with chipboard flooring - we access with a ladder, so would need proper stairs and railing to be livable.

We just hope to break even due to plans changing - we've only been in this property for 2 months - this wasn't intended to be a buy and flip but rather a hold for rental - but, again, plans change and we want to free up the cash.

If it doesn't sell by end of January we will rent it out.
'spose I'd better update ...

... suburban house didn't sell so now rented to lovely tenants

... 10 acres sold for slightly under what we wanted (more than we paid but less than our total costs). No point in hanging out and costing mortgage interest