CF+ companies

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Can anyone tell me how the marketing groups sourcing CF+ properties work? If you are trying to sell a property can you just contact them direct? What sort of assumptions do they make about a property (eg vacancy etc) when calculating its cash flow? We are looking at selling on of our places and I'm not sure if they would consider it positive depending on the interest rate etc that they use in their calcs. It is in SW Qld.

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Are you talking about the companies that take out full page adverts in the property mags, advertising "CASHFLOW +ve PROPERTIES"?

The assumption I make is that if they have to try so hard to sell these things, BEWARE.. I also assume most rely on big depreciation or rental guarantees at above market rates to substantiate the cashflow +ve claims..
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I am more curious about the interest rate that they use and how they work out the general costs etc (eg do they use a blanket 20% of rents?). I have a property and I'm wondering if it would be worth approaching one of those places to sell it and wondering how they choose the places for their books.


ETA ~ I'm trying to sell not buy.
Shann - I would recommend that if you have a CF+ property - or anything yielding over 5% - to advertise it for sale on here. Put up photos and a description and see how you go.

I have sold a place through the sales part of this forum and saved PM fees and advertising. If you have any questions drop me a PM or ask here.