From: Donna Larcos

Has anybody had trouble making landlord
claims from CGU? I have had my claim
in for nearly a month and they keep telling
me the cheque's in the mail.
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From: Rick Otton

so tell them your bomb is in theirs!
Rick Otton
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From: Felicity W.

How sad is that? Why not just tell you it's still being processed? I've made a couple of claims on insurance, and a month would have been lightning fast ;-)
Keep smiling
Felicity :cool:
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From: Donna Larcos

I wonder whether it's just a landlord
insurance thing. I recently made a claim
for a water-damaged cupboard in my
laundry (OK so I walk away and leave
taps running - I'm an idiot) but AAMI kept
chasing ME for the paperwork and when I
got my quote and faxed it to them I had a
cheque in 24 hours. Similarly when the
children set fire to the living room four
years ago they had an assessor out in 8
hours and the carpet was replaced etc
within about two weeks - all done, no
arguments. (They are a bit more iffy with
car insurance though due to their irritating
habit of wanting to use some repairer 40
miles from where you live.) I thought
maybe I could threaten to blacklist them
on every property investor web site in
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