Changing over utilities

Hi all,

Now my house has been rented out, when should I disconnect or change over the utilities?

Water has been sorted out as the agent will get the bill and charge the tenant for the water usage. The gas and electricity has been changed over to my name, although I have never received a bill or anything from the respective companies since.

I dont really want the electricity or gas disconnected if the tenants are in the process of changing it over.
If you are moving out of the place, call the utilities companies, ask them to read the meters and issue a final notice to you.

It is up to the ingoing tenants to ring and organise for these to be now placed into their name.

Generally, things like electricity are read, but not actually cut off, however, sometimes the power actually is shut off. We just had two houses empty in adjoining streets. Power was off for one place, and left on for the other. Maybe it depends on who takes the call how they treat each case.