Changing Trustee in Unit Trust

What's the process and documentation required to change the Trustee of a unit trust? Currently, the trustee is a company and I'l like to put myself as the trustee. Neither the company nor the unit trust have ever have any activity. The only asset is a bank account.
Thank you for any help you can provide.
I assume you want to change from a corporate trustee to an individual in order to save ASIC charges.

If you are not using either the trustee or the trust now or in the near future maybe you should consider getting rid of the trust too.

From an asset protection point of view you are opening yourself up - as a trusatee you have a right of indemnity from the trust assets, but if you were sued in your capacity as trustee and the trust had insufficient assets/insurance to meet any judgment you would be personally liable.
Just make sure you have some pertinent clauses in the resolution otherwise you may be liable for stamp duty. Discuss with OSR or adviser.