Chatswood Investor Meetup - Wed 3rd March 2010


The next Sydney Investor Meetup is scheduled for Wed 3rd March, 2010 @ Chatswood RSL from around 6pm.

See more details here:

For our newer members, this is a purely social gathering in a relaxed environment - come along, have a chat over drinks and/or dinner - it's a great opportunity to socialise with other investors, network, ask lots of questions and learn.

I'll be putting the invite out on as well, my group there covers more than just real estate, so we may get some sharemarket investors along too (you don't have to talk to them if you don't want to :p ).
Bump.....anyone else coming to this meet on the 3rd of March?

It is just after the RBA meeting on nothing else we can talk about rates rises!!:p;)
Hi Sim et al,

Yes, Simon and I will be there.
I'm seriously overdue for a good chin wag about property. We'll have lots to talk about.

See you there,
Julie who are definites for Mar 3 2010 ...this Wednesday!

Have told a few of my friends about this meet.....
That's me on the maybe.

I have to see how the beginning of the week pans out. SO much to do in such little time!:)

Regards JO
Sorry I can't make it. Hubby said I could go and leave him at home on his birthday:D but I couldn't do that.

Maybe next time. Have fun.
Hi guys. Sorry, I couldn't make it tonight either - had a deadline that kept me at home. A pity, as I was looking forward to it! Will have to put faces to names another time. :)